Basketball Caps: Sports-Trendy - basketball caps Basketball Caps: Sports-Trendy - basketball caps

Basketball Caps: Sports-Trendy

Baseball caps are all the rage when it comes to trendy fashion. So much so that they’ve breached through the industry with much creativity. How? With companies coming up with design after design of caps. Both for boys and for girls. And for any age. But you can never underestimate its use. Although it IS a statement accessory, it’s also very useful for when you’re out on the playing field!

Basketball Caps: Sports-Trendy

Basketball Caps: Where And When Did They Get Into The Picture?

Before basketball caps became the way they are now, they were made out of… dun dun dun… straw! Can you believe it? Straw hats were the rage, not because of fashion. Oh, no. Not that straw hats can’t be made into fashionable items. On the other hand, they were used for the sole purpose of blocking out the sun.

Basketball Caps: Sports-Trendy

Plus, they didn’t exactly have the same shape it does now. You may be asking yourself, “how, then, did it look like?”  Well, maybe we should tell you that they were similar in appearance. A little thicker, with a much rounder top. The bill of the cap was the main focus of these hats back then. By the way, it’s also called peak or brim. Just additional basketball clothing slang to add to your dictionary.

Before basketball caps, it started with baseball.

To add, can you guess how this hat made it become one of the most iconic pieces in a baseball player’s whole ensemble? You should know that it’s because it was tailor-made for baseball players back in the 1860s. It hadn’t caught on with the popular trends of that time.  However, the 1900s came and the Brooklyn Excelsiors, then a team of said sport, well, sported the look. And wow did it wow so many people. 

What This Trendy Accessory Is Today

Basketball Caps: Sports-Trendy

Since the Excelsiors went out and played their game with their caps on, people soon followed suit. Making what was a means of protection against the sun’s glare and heat, a piece of the baseball uniform as we know it today. Furthermore, even if you don’t play in any minor or major league, wearing a cap will always be an efficient clothing accessory that’s both useful and stylish. At the same time.

Then, it transitioned and transcended to other sports.

So you no longer need to go out and play ball worrying about the heat outside. You won’t even have to always find a covered court, gym or field to do so. Umbrellas definitely have no place on the playing field. Along with any other apparatus that you’ll need to hold up to keep the sun out.

From baseball to basketball, simply wear a basketball cap and you’ll be good to go. Additionally, LCPShop has a number of them you can choose from. Match them your outfit of the day. Or just with your mood. These caps will definitely make your wardrobe so much more interesting, too. Since they can be used not only for sports but as a trendy accessory as well!

So, what are you waiting for? Hit that button and shop for the trendiest caps at LCPShop! Pick as much as you want and get that cap collection going!

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