Here Are Some Facts About Golden State Warriors You Must Know

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Golden State Warriors are one of the three charter associates of the NBA. It is still in existence today. Having served several decades in the NBA, we have a lot of fun and interesting facts to share with you about this team. Let us get started.

Their Commencement

The franchise began in Philadelphia in 1947, where the team has won their first-ever championship in the NBA league.

2016 Has Been The Golden Year Of Golden State Warriors

In 2016, the team secured the most victories in a regular season. By registering 73 wins and nine losses, the team broke the record of 72 wins and 10 losses of their competitor, 1996 Chicago Bulls.  At that time, the present coach of the team, Steve Kerr, was playing as a member of the team.

Here Are Some Facts About Golden State Warriors You Must Know
Here Are Some Facts About Golden State Warriors You Must Know

How Golden State Warriors Got Their Name?

The team was originally named “Philadelphia home”. In 1962, the team transferred to the West Coast under the name “the San Francisco Warriors”. After nine years, in 1971, the team was renamed as the “Golden State Warriors”. In 1975, they won the championship.

NBA Star Stephen Curry Got Unanimously Voted As The Most Valuable Player

Wardell, known by his professional name “Stephen Curry” is the star performer of the team. People admire him for his outstanding talent and skills. This 29-year old guy was unanimously voted as the MVP in 2016. Being a devotee of God, he gives all the credit to God who has given him the strength and talent. It is due to his grace, that he is considered worthy of receiving this award.

There is also a rumor about him that he gives 100 dollars to his mom for securing over three turnovers in a game.

Golden State Warriors Most Passionate Player: Draymond Green

Draymond Green is a highly passionate player in the entire squad of the team. Due to his aggressive nature and excessive flagrant fouls, he has been suspended many times in a game.

We have got some information about him when he was a child. In his ninth grade, he was found guilty of cheating on a biology test. Due to which his mother gave away all that she owned to date. This incident shows old school childrearing skills in practice.

Here Are Some Facts About Golden State Warriors You Must Know
Here Are Some Facts About Golden State Warriors You Must Know

Little More

These NBA stars are also like us. Draymond was disappointed by the massive increase in the house rents in San Francisco. When he could not afford the rent, he shifted to Emeryville.

The player with the coolest name from the 2016 roster, Festus Ezeli emigrated from Nigeria at 14 to become a doctor. Needless to say, things didn’t go that way.

NBA Player With Extraordinary Capabilities

Shaun Livingston, a popular player of the team gave some astonishing signs when he was a child. At the age of seven months, he could walk. By the age of three, he could easily read books.


If you are a fan of this team or a true sports savvy, you would surely appreciate these fun and reality facts. It will make you more knowledgeable and informed about this popular NBA team.

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