Knee Straps: Strap Your Game On - knee straps Knee Straps: Strap Your Game On - knee straps

Knee Straps: Strap Your Game On

50 Best Basketball Essentials That Every Basketball Player Should Have

Think of keeping yourself less likely to be injured during a basketball game? Think knee straps. They’re small but will make a huge difference in your game. This is especially true if you’ve been suffering from spasms or have experience strain around your knees and calves. A simple strap will make all the difference. What’s more, you can use them with ease because they’re so convenient to put on!

Knee Straps: Strap Your Game On

Knee Straps: Their Scientific Basis

Many in the medical field have created knee straps mainly for injuries in that part of your body. Much like the ways casts are put on arms and on legs. Medical knee straps work the same way. The act as additional support when injured. Or if your knees are weak because you’ve strained them with too much running.

Knee Straps: Strap Your Game On

For even worse conditions, larger knee braces are put in place to help speed up healing. These medical straps and braces are amazing aids to make sure that the damage done won’t be made worse. Similarly, a speedy recovery will result with simple care and usage of said medical straps and braces.

So, what does this have to do with you playing basketball?

Basketball And Knee Straps

A lot of innovations have been made with this medical apparatus. What used to be used for the sole purpose of assisting in injury healing can now be used as an aid in sports. How? By acting as a support for your knees. We can hear you already asking, “but I don’t have an injury.” Well, that’s where the innovations came in.

Researchers and scientists found out that sprains and muscle strain can actually be avoided when your knees are well-supported. Meaning you don’t need to have an injury to utilize this tool. Prevention is better than cure. Cliché. We’ve used it several times. But it doesn’t make it any less wrong.

Knee Straps: Strap Your Game On

Basketball is such a physically demanding sport. Once you’re on the field, you’ll be on your feet. Stopping only to wait for the next pitcher hit the ball so you can run to the next plate. And the distance of about 88 feet in between bases is not a close one. Yes, this is a fact. Various basketball associations across the globe made this a rule. And it started in 1895 when such rules were finally put down on paper.

Therefore, you don’t have to wait to get an injury to start using knee straps. You don’t have to wait for “wear and tear” to happen before thinking about purchasing these effective items. To add, wear and tear is a reality a lot of sports enthusiasts go through. Only to find out about it late. Too much use of your legs muscles can slowly tear them. It can also make your joints cause too much friction. Thus making your knees weak. Quite literally. 

Furthermore, they’re actually aesthetically pleasing. You don’t need to worry about them ruining your uniform or sports outfit. They’ll blend right in easily with anything you wear. Try them out now!

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