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NBA Standings

NBA Standings

As we all know, NBA standings stand for National Basketball Association standings. The annual championship series of this association is NBA finals.

This series selects the best-of-seven from the eastern and western conference champions. Finally, it rewards the winner of the league. Now, let us know about some interesting facts about NBA finals.

NBA Standings
NBA Standings

NBA Standings: 2018-19

League Champion: Toronto Raptors.

Most Valuable Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo (27.7/12.5/5.9)

Rookie of the Year: Luka Dončić (21.2/7.8/6.0)

PPG Leader: James Harden (36.1)

RPG Leader: Andre Drummond (15.6)

APG Leader: Russell Westbrook (10.7)

WS Leader: James Harden (15.2)

NBA Format Since Inception

Finals were incepted in June 1947 in Canada, United States. As a worldwide famous sports event, it oversaw name changes multiple times. Initially, it was named as BBA finals. In the 1949–50 season, the Basketball Association of America (BAA) made a tie-up with the National Basketball League (NBLNBA World Championship Series is another name that made NBA famous in 1986.

Initially, the game format was a 2–2–1–1–1. Later, it changed to a 2–3–2 format. The reason for changing the arrangement is to ease the amount of cross-country travel. The change of form gave the home court opportunity to the teams who have a better record throughout the season. Back in 2014, the old 2–2–1–1–1 got restored again. Severe ups and downs in the past made NBA finals a premium quality series that it is today.

Champions in this series get the most prestigious rewards in basketball. Since it incepted, 19 franchises won the series. Among many, the Boston Celtics is a name to mention. This team won the series for a total number of 17 times. This team also holds the record for the consecutive championship by winning the sequence eight times from 1959 to 1966. Another name is the Los Angeles Lakers, who have participated in the finals 31 times. When it comes to the eastern and western conference, the former one has 38 wins from 10 franchises, and the later one has 32 wins from 9 franchises.

NBA Finals 2015-19

NBA Standings
NBA Standings

From 2015, the finals saw Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors as the first two teams to meet. Prior to this, no two organizations have initiated the finals for more than two consecutive years. During the 2015 season, the Warriors made a record for the most number of winning. In 2016, this team got the acclamation of winning more than 67 games in three straight seasons. The Cavaliers defeated Kyrie Irving in the 2017 off-season. This team continued to change their roster throughout the season.

In 2018, James joined the Los Angeles Lakers leaving the Cavaliers. This changed the entire scene, where the Cavaliers struggled badly to cope-up without James. Consecutively, the Warrior went on having a brilliant record. It got an acclamation of making it to the consecutive five straight Finals. It is the first team from the western conference to achieve this success. Finally, the Toronto Raptures defeated the Warriors with a 4-2 result. The Canada based team received the title of the winner for the first time. Kawhi Leonard from the Raptures is the first player who has won the award while representing teams from both eastern and western conferences.

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