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Key Take-Aways Of 2019 NBA Finals

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The Raptors have done something that was seen as impossible for a team from Canada. How did the Raptors win the Championship. The 2019 NBA Finals defines Raptors. Well, it took lot more than just winning games and being on the second top of the eastern conference. They were not even the top. Bucks had […]

The Game 4 Of NBA Finals

Why Is The 2018 NBA Finals Very Important

The Raptors are now the NBA champions. They won the championship in the sixth game of the NBA finals. But, the Raptors could have finished victorious even in the fifth game. There was a timeout that disappointed the momentum of the game. Nick Nurse would surely regret that decision. But not so much because of […]

Facts From The NBA Finals


Given here is an overview of NBA finals, the structure in which it is laid out, its history, and the home turf advantage.

NBA Final Written Update

What Is The Most Intense NBA Game Ever?

he Toronto Raptors have won the opening game of the NBA finals over three-time defending champion

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