Tips To Make You Influential In NBA Playoffs

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NBA playoffs schedule, series predictions, and the latest news around the league are all important factors to keep in mind before deciding on a specific series to follow. Here are some of the most talked-about series during the playoff season, and how the teams could stack up in this best of seven NBA series.

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls: NBA Playoffs

Chicago’s chances of making the NBA playoffs look good with back-to-back wins over the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks. But the Heat is hot on their heels as they try to make the playoffs as well. Who will emerge victorious in this series? Chicago’s defense will be put to the test against an offense that has struggled to score in the early part of the season. This game will decide the fate of the Bulls’ season and the future of the Miami Heat.

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Tips To Make You Influential In NBA Playoffs

Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks: NBA Playoffs

It’s never easy to predict the outcome of an NBA playoffs series, but with both teams looking much improved, this might be one of the more interesting matches of this year’s playoffs. The Knicks seem to be playing the best basketball, but the Lakers have been putting together solid defenses and are taking care of business on the boards. Both teams are capable of pulling off an upset, but it might take them a lot of help. This series looks poised to go to overtime several times.

Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

This has long been considered one of the toughest games in the NBA, with the Rockets looking to put a team away finally and the Spurs looking to prove that they can win a championship. However, the Spurs have looked much better this season, and the Rockets need to beat them to make this a legitimate contender. San Antonio is well-rested as they head into this match and should have the edge when it comes to experience and the quality of the players on each team.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

If this were an all-star game, the Dallas Mavericks would likely be the favorites to take out the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference finals. Yet, it’s not exactly the time for the Mavs to feel good about themselves. OKC has taken the NBA by storm, while the Mavs find themselves in an interesting position in the NBA playoff race.
Oklahoma City is looking like a team ready to challenge the Heat and Houston in the West. But the Mavs have been able to pull through in the past, defeating the Heat and Rockets in recent history. Now they’re faced with a difficult task in keeping pace with the Thunder.

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Tips To Make You Influential In NBA Playoffs

Chicago Bulls vs. New Orleans Hornets

With the Chicago Bulls looking like they’re on their way to another NBA Finals appearance, the New Orleans Hornets look like they’re ready to break through and earn a trip to the NBA Finals as well. The defending champs have put together a solid defense so far, but have been unable to score enough to overcome the Chicago Bulls on the boards.

Final Words

The Hornets have had trouble in the playoffs before, but they’ll need to change if they hope to break through against the Bulls. The only thing to watch for here is whether or not the New Orleans Hornets’ defense can overcome the offensive prowess of the Chicago Bulls. Will Noah Vonleh continues his recent string of strong performances, or will he fall into the same trap as his fellow rookie Derrick Rose?

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