Top 2 Famous Basketball Players of all time

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Throughout the years, basketball has become one of the greatest games as the entertainment along with the competitive sportsmanship has grown drastically. In the recent tragic death of the extremely talented Koby Bryant and his daughter Gigi who was 13 at the time, not only the basketball lovers but people in general are shocked and devastated. In light of this cataclysmic event, while mourning the loss of them and seven others we should also celebrate their lives by celebrating what they loved the most: Basketball.

The legends in Basketball

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In this article, we are going to discuss legendary basketball players of all-time. Though there are some amazing players who are showing great skill in the current basketball game, it is an undeniable fact that they still have a long way to go to become like the NBA star players and Hall of Fame achievers.  From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Larry Bird to LeBrone James to Kevin Durant, there are at least ten legendary players we can talk about and the subject will still not be fulfilled. Thus, we’re going to know a little bit about the top two famous basketball players.

Michael Jordan

This 6’6” player of the Chicago Bulls has won the NBA championship six-time. The living legend Michael Jordan has many accolades under his name such as “NBA Finals MVP” for six time, “NBA All-Star” for fourteen time and NBA MVP for five time etc. There are many highlights of his career but the top 3 special features of his were,

  • The Last Ever Shot: The last shot for the Chicago Bull would go down as one of the most memorable shots in his career. In the year 1998, his ankle breaking shot just at the closing moment not only garnered him the sixth NBA Championship but it also went down one of the greatest moments in the history of NBA along with proving the fact again that MJ aka Air Jordan is one of the most dedicated players ever graced the basketball court.
  • The Shot against Ehlo: In 1989, he pushed his team against the Cavs in the first round of the playoffs by his double touched shot. It seemed that he was in the air for quite some time. The shot was so mesmerizing that Craig Ehlo still is baffled even after twenty years.
  • The Famous Dunk: His quintessential dedicated and fearless attitude towards the game is proved in this dunk against Patrick Ewing. While backed into a corner by Charles Oakly and John Starks, he dribbled his way out of it and dunked over one of the greatest defenders 7’0” Ewing and lived to tell the tale. 

He was inducted in 2009 individually and in 2010 as a member of the dream team in the Hall of Fame. 

Magic Johnson

Earvin “Magic” Johnson seemingly performed magic in the court as the tallest point guard at 6’9” by never leaping or showing inhumane strength but just passing the ball to his fellow free member. He dominated the game in an unique way. He seemed to lure opposite players to him and then pass the ball to a free teammate just behind his back. 

The technique looks a little predictable but it was nearly impossible for the offenders to not be drawn towards his strategy. He was elusive and it was very difficult to predict that from where, how and when his pass would come. Earvin Johnson was called Magic Johnson not for just creating magic on the court but for his sportsmanship attitude towards the game. He has proved over and over that basketball is a game of teammates and not of an individual.


In honourable mention, we certainly have to remember Allen Iverson for his competitive streak and fancy crossovers. There is also Stephen Curry for his three point shooting skills are amazing. Despite his strength and height, what made Patrick Ewing remarkable was his leadership quality. As long as basketball will remain one of the most popular games, their names will be remembered with respect and honour. 

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