Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports - Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports -

Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports

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In the various aspects of life, be it relations, professional athletics, or board games, there is no individual who likes a deceiver. Cheaters rob the fun aspect and the competitive essence out of every single thing. At times when we are hit by memories of an individual who was cheating, our blood starts heating up. Cheating is just not cool. Sadly, some of the worst cheaters exist in the world of sports. Various fields of sports are hit by devious practices that have awarded numerous sportspeople an unfair advantage to overcome competition. The list of the top thirty worst cheaters consists of; 

Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports
Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports

Dora Ratjen ( Field and Olympic Track)

Dora Ratjen was an athlete of the Nazi German origin. She concluded in the fourth position in the high jump women’s category during the summer Olympics in 1936 that was held in Berlin. She would, later on, proceed to set a record in a competition that was held in 1939. However, later on, it was discovered that she is actually a male athlete. There were debates about whether he was a transgender person or just a cheater.

Danny Almonte ( Little League World Series): Sports

Danny Almonte, a young little pitcher, in 2001was a man amid boys as most of the time, he stood out for his side by kicking one batter after the other. Despite his prowess, his team only managed to finish in the third position. When the competition was over and everything had settled, Danny was discovered to be fourteen years old, which exceeded the maximum age by two years. Rolando Paulino, the head coach, was more likely to blame. Instead, Almonte could just have cleared the air.

Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports
Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports

Anthony Gaskell ( London Marathon)

Anthony Gaskell, a long-distance runner, concluded the London marathon in a span of three hours and five minutes, putting up a new record for athletes who were over the age of sixty-five. Sadly, he managed to achieve this by using a ten-mile shortcut through running off course and jumping out of the barrier. He admitted to the allegations but brushed it off by blaming it on an injury that had been disturbing him in the entire race.

Rosie Ruiz (Boston Marathon): Sports

Rosie Ruiz finished the Boston Marathon that was held in 1980 in just two hours and thirty-two minutes. She managed to achieve this without removing a sweat that raised eyebrows among other runners. After investigations were carried out, it was found out that she did not pass through any of the recommended checkpoints meant for the course. What transpired is that she hopped out of the masses just before the finishing line.

Mike Tyson (World Boxing Association)

In the WBA Heavyweight Championship title held on June 28, 1997, Evander Holyfield was confronted by Mike Tyson. Holyfield had beaten Mike Tyson in their previous encounter; therefore, he was determined to bounce back with a must-win. During the third round, in less than sixty seconds, Tyson bit off the right ear of Holyfield when he was withdrawing to his corner. The Holy field was immediately declared the winner as the match was disqualified.

Diego Maradona ( World Cup Soccer)

During the quarter-finals, held in 1986 against England, Maradona scored a goal after purportedly deflecting it in using his head. He would, later on, score another goal in the match, which secured them a 2-1 victory. However, after further investigations, it was found out that he used his hands though raising them near his head to put the goal behind the net. When he was interviewed, later on, he said it was scored ‘a little with the head…and a little with the hand of God.

Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports
Top 7 Worst scammers In The History Of Sports

Fred Lorz ( Olympic Marathon ): Sports

In 1904 during the Olympics held in St. Louis, Fred Lorz concluded the race within just three hours and thirteen minutes. Surprisingly, there was no other runner who was even an inch closer to him. Upon further investigations, it was found out that Lord had hopped into a nearby car and covered up to eleven miles of the race. This attracted him to a band that was lifted after a year later, which earned him a win in the Boston Marathon held in 1905.

Often at times, some athletes engage in cheating for various reasons. Every athlete always admires to execute top-notch results and maintain their legacies. Lying to have an advantage over the other athletes is a bad practice that jeopardizes the quality of competition. It is the responsibility of every athlete to ensure that they compete fairly.

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